Social Spider CIC’s Managing Director, David Floyd, with the fourth in a series of blogs on the future of local journalism — and how it doesn’t have to be rubbish

The fourth of these blogs moves from the question of print vs digital to look at the changing relationship(s) between local journalists (and local news publishers) and the wider public.

These are a set of relationships that have moved from relatively simple to extremely messy in the post-internet landscape — and it’s currently unclear where they might ultimately end up.

Remember local newspapers? Try not to cry to when you…

Editor Bella Saltiel on the online launch of Social Spider CIC’s fifth local title

We’re excited to announce that Social Spider CIC, is launching a new free, independent, community news publication covering the London Borough of Barnet early next year.

Barnet Post will launch online in February, initially publishing at least four new articles per week on the Barnet Post website and weekly newsletter.

Social Spider CIC’s Managing Director, David Floyd, with the third in a series of blogs on the future of local journalism — and how it doesn’t have to be rubbish

Picture of Enfield Dispatch newsstand outside Bush Hill Park London Overground station

The third of these blogs moves on from the question of what local news is for (now) to the ongoing discussion of how it’s delivered.

Going, going, still going

The death of traditional local print newspapers continues to be long, slow and painful. While there’s not much left to say about it, the context remains important.

Mediatique’s 2018 report for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Overview of…

Social Spider CIC’s Managing Director, David Floyd, with the second in a series of blogs on the future of local journalism — and how it doesn’t have to be rubbish

Local news is facing an existential crisis.

My previous post looked at the way that corporate local news publishers are increasingly overseeing a grim process of managed decline as they attempt to preserve profits while revenues decrease.

Those of us who are in local news because we believe news matters reject that answer but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the question: in the age of the internet, what is…

Social Spider CIC’s Managing Director, David Floyd, with the first of a series of blogs on the future of local journalism — and how it doesn’t have to be rubbish

Rubbish sacks and recycling bins

Most business activity has been negatively affected by Covid-19 but, for the news media, the crisis has been a perfect shitstorm. Demand for journalism has increased while (conventional) revenue from publishing news has decreased, and the results are relatively predictable.

As the publisher of four social enterprise local newspapers — Waltham Forest Echo, Tottenham Community Press, Enfield Dispatch and EC1 Echo — I’m one of many in the industry currently…

As you may have heard, this month at Tottenham Community Press (TCP) we are focusing on a membership campaign which we have kick started. We gave a little teaser earlier in the week that we would be revealing our Membership Ambassadors to you for which the time has now come! Please allow us to introduce you to…

WondR WomN

Social Entrepreneur | Musician | Brand Ambassador | Community Leader | Millennial Advocate

Photo credit: Yonis Jama

An award-winning entrepreneur & musician, known locally and on a wider scale as WondRWomN. She is the founder of The RecordShop, a free recording studio and artist development…

This month we at Tottenham Community Press have launched a campaign in order to boost and promote our much needed newspaper.

TCP has been providing the Tottenham community with local news for over four years now. We have highlighted some great events and projects happening in the area, held power to account and also given a platform for local business to advertise their services with us.

We have a range of benefits to offer, including our membership scheme, and we have recently appointed local ambassadors, who are very well known locally (and on a wider scale), for their amazing work…

Full job description here.

We are hiring a new Head of Community News Operations to join the Social Spider CIC team and help us take our innovative social enterprise model for independent local journalism to the next level.

This will be a full time role based at our offices in Walthamstow, London. Salary will be £25,000 pa.

Deadline for applications is 6pm on Monday November 25th 2019.

At this exciting point in our development, we are looking for an independent and confident social enterprise leader who is enthusiastic about shaping a social enterprise solution in response to the decline of corporate local news.


As UK Ambassador for the Engaged Journalism Accelerator, I have been tasked with running two meet-ups in the UK; to create opportunities for practitioners of engaged journalism to meet face-to-face and share skills, knowledge and create a network of support.

As Social Spider is based in London, it made sense for us to organise our first meet-up there, making use of our existing contacts to host a large event attended by over 30 practitioners in June 2019. …

Mark Brown contemplates the funding challenges for local news.

It’s amazing to be making three community newspapers, that reflect the wishes, aspirations, dreams and fears of communities. If you count our national mental health magazine One in Four, which we retired in 2014, and various magazines with young people and communities, Social Spider CIC has been publishing community print and news media continuously since 2006.

We aren’t a big company. We don’t have shareholders or high net worth individuals to bankroll us. We started our newspapers from scratch, with only our knowledge, our community contacts and cash we’d scraped together…

Start Spreading the News

Start Spreading the News is a place to find out about Social Spider CIC’s community newspapers: Waltham Forest Echo; Tottenham Community Press; Enfield Dispatch

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