Editor Bella Saltiel on the online launch of Social Spider CIC’s fifth local title

We’re excited to announce that Social Spider CIC, is launching a new free, independent, community news publication covering the London Borough of Barnet early next year.

Barnet Post will launch online in February, initially publishing at…

Social Spider CIC’s Managing Director, David Floyd, with the first of a series of blogs on the future of local journalism — and how it doesn’t have to be rubbish

Rubbish sacks and recycling bins

Most business activity has been negatively affected by Covid-19 but, for the news media, the crisis has been a perfect…

This month we at Tottenham Community Press have launched a campaign in order to boost and promote our much needed newspaper.

TCP has been providing the Tottenham community with local news for over four years now. We have highlighted some great events and projects happening in the area, held power…

Start Spreading the News

Start Spreading the News is a place to find out about Social Spider CIC’s community newspapers: Waltham Forest Echo; Tottenham Community Press; Enfield Dispatch

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