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2 min readMar 3, 2020

This month we at Tottenham Community Press have launched a campaign in order to boost and promote our much needed newspaper.

TCP has been providing the Tottenham community with local news for over four years now. We have highlighted some great events and projects happening in the area, held power to account and also given a platform for local business to advertise their services with us.

We have a range of benefits to offer, including our membership scheme, and we have recently appointed local ambassadors, who are very well known locally (and on a wider scale), for their amazing work within Tottenham. We are excited to be announcing them to you very soon!

TCP March 2020 issue

One of the key dates and events to be aware of during this month’s campaign is;

15th March: We will be hosting a show on local radio station, Threads. ( Join us as we discuss our campaign and our ambitious plans for the paper.

We have proved through our other publications, Enfield Dispatch, Waltham Forest Echo, that our model for community media can be financially sustainable and does work. We have high hopes that TCP will reaffirm this. However, as it currently stands, TCP is not yet sustainable, meaning our community newspaper is at risk.

Last summer we began running a readers’ survey with varied questions, to explore our avenues and it has come to light that a lot of our readership believe that we are funded by local government, which is far from the truth.

Our Info-graphic shows the results from our survey alongside the realities of our revenue streams.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the majority of our revenue comes from advertising. Besides this income, we are still not financially sustainable.

We also have a membership scheme that enables people to contribute a small amount of money each month. Contributing as a member will ensure that we reach our monthly goal of £3500, each month. This will go back into producing a good, quality paper that our community deserves to have at their fingertips.

We seek to amplify the voices of underrepresented communities, but we cannot do this without you.



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